Prolific Scorers Need Ball In Space

Providence College rode the tenacity and athleticism of Bryce Cotton to within a bucket of beating North Carolina, see how the Friars did it

Gifted scorers create their own shots but you need to develop unique methods of getting the ball into their hands. Providence ran these motions in the second half of the North Carolina NCAA Tournament game to get Bryce Cotton the ball in space.

Your scorer has the ball in his hands at the top of the set. Instead of simply spacing, move your players, get the defense out of position and then have your scorer attack.

Your scorer dribbles into the set and passes to a player flashing high. The top player in the right-block stack pops to the corner, then runs the baseline and comes off a screen from the second-stack player [1]. After passing the scorer moves low and screens as the initial screener curls to the elbow and receives a ball. The passer then screens down and another player curls high [2]. The scorer fakes toward the corner, to the hoop then back to the corner and receives a pass. The remaining players space into a 1-4 set as the scorer dribbles high. Now, the scorer has the ball in his hands with the floor spaced.

The scorer’s initial fake to the corner is important as the defense overplays this person.

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