Post Roll Bounce

Don’t give up on a big man on the block simply because the defense stymies the initial entry pass – swing the ball and reestablish position for an in-close bucket.

A defense thinks it’s won when it thwarts an initial offensive attempt to pass the ball to the block. Take advantage of this potential lack of concentration by moving the ball on the perimeter as the post player gains an advantage again.

While Villanova coach Jay Wright is known for his 4-out offense, this set (run in an overtime victory against Butler) begins with four players below the 3-point arc.

The left wing uses a low screen to move through the lane and emerge open on the right side. The point passes to the wing as the post begins to establish position near the right block [1]. If the entry to the post isn’t available, the ball is passed back to the top of the set as the point relocates to the left wing [2]. Have the post player take a step away from the ball, then curl hard into the lane to gain a step on the defender. A bounce pass is made from the top for the easy layup [3].

Post roll bounce play

Condition your post players to continue fighting on the block for position. Once the ball moves around the perimeter, the defense typically shifts its focus to the outside.

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