Post Feed Vs. Zone

Wisconsin had a marked size advantage last season and used it to create easy scoring opportunities – just like this successful zone post feed vs. Baylor.


Attack a perimeter-orientated zone by pounding the post. Keep the ball moving on the perimeter to shift the defense and create an in-close advantage prior to the post entry.


Move action toward the right wing as the post eventually seals the bottom zone defender.


The initial ball handler and the right-wing player switch positions on the dribble entry. The pass then is made to the right wing as he settles higher in the set. Your featured post is on the right block [A]. A pass is made back to the wing as the weak-side players move into position – the lower one sprints to the strong-side corner as the higher one moves toward the block. The featured post seals the inside zone defender [B]. More passing between the top two players shifts the zone and a quick look at the corner opens a passing lane to the post. Make the pass and let this talented big man go to work. Have the weak-side block come to the strong elbow to create more space [C].


1. Initial action places defense focus high and leaves the bottom open for attack


1. The defender fights to get around the screen and defend the corner, which leaves your post in perfect position on the block
2. If open, pass to this player in the corner for the open shot – but the primary focus here is to get the ball to the post


1. The perimeter pass back toward the top shifts this defender into the middle so the post has space on the right side
2. Look at the corner first to move a perimeter defender in that direction and open the post passing lane


The look at the corner is key. Use a fake too to move defenders.

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