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Devise ways to get your best post player the ball near the block even when he starts the play by dribbling at the top of the set.

While Kentucky had no trouble with Robert Morris last month, and led by 31 points in the second half when this play occurred, it still shows a dynamic way to feed the ball to the post.

Your star is dribbling the ball at the top of the set with three players spaced along the baseline and one located on the left wing.

Your best player dribbles right and passes to the player coming high from the left block. The player in the right corner cuts toward the right block [1]. After making the pass, your best player comes low and screens. This player curls around the screen through the lane [2]. The ball handler dribbles right to create a passing lane and passes to your star player with his or her back to the basket. Have players on the weak side move into shooting windows and allow your star to create on the open side of the floor (Randle took a hard dribble toward the baseline, spun back and nailed a jump shot) [3].

Basketball Drill

When you have a dominant post player, create situations where he or she moves from different angles to the block to gain an advantage.

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