Point Guard Starts Action, Finishes With Jumper

Have your point guard pass and cut to the same side, then flash to the opposite short corner as the perimeter players reverse the ball creating an open jump-shot opportunity.


When the point guard moves low into a set, zone defenses tend to forget about him or her – that hesitation creates space, which becomes compounded when running that player off a low off-ball screen.


Set up in a 1-3-1 with a post located on the opposite side from where you want to initiate the action.


The point passes to the left wing and cuts down the left lane line. The middle player pops high [A]. The left wing gives a pass fake to the point as he cuts, then quickly reverses the ball to the top. The ball continues its reversal on a pass to the right wing. The point cuts through the lane and uses a late, low screen on the outside defender to come free [B]. The pass is made to the point who has an open jumper at the right short corner [C].


1. Have the wing fake a pass to the cutting point guard to place the thought in the defense’s head about this possibility
2. The middle player waits for the initial action, then pops to the top


3. The ball reversal is swift and quick so the defense remains half a step behind the movements
4. This screen picks off the low defender and produces more space for the cutting point guard


5. If the low defender slips the screen, have the point dump the ball into the post for an easy scoring opportunity


If the low defender slips the screen, pops out and guards the point on the catch, the pass then is made into the low post. The post has the outside defender on his or her back, so is in perfect position to execute a on-the-block move for a scoring opportunity.

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