Play like Kansas – Create a wide-open shot from the corner

The point guard starts by coming off a ball screen, throws an entry pass and relocates to the corner to receive a pass for an open 3-pointer off dribble penetration from the wing.

Why use it

This is from Bill Self’s playbook at Kansas. It uses a pair of ball screens and dribble penetration to the middle, which collapses the zone and opens a shooting opportunity from the opposite corner. Use this set against a 2-3 zone.

Set up

The point guard is dribbling on the right side with a guard on the opposite wing and one in the ball-side corner. Have a post at the ball-side elbow and another on the opposite block.

How to play

1 dribbles left and comes off a ball screen set from 5, who has stepped to the perimeter. 1 passes across to 2 on the left wing. 5 rolls to the hoop after setting the ball screen [1].

2 now looks to attack the middle of the lane. 4 comes high and sets a ball screen for 2. 5 continues rolling toward the hoop. 1 moves to the right corner as 3 elevates to the right wing. 2 dribbles to the left elbow [2].

2 passes across to 1 in the corner. 1 shoots the jumper. 4 and 5 crash the boards [3].


2 must dribble to the paint to make a pass to 1. If 2 can’t get to the top of the paint, then the defense doesn’t have to collapse and the passing lane is eliminated.

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