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Carve The Defense With ‘Slice’

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This popular play requires several movements, screens, handoffs and passes to set up a passer outside the arc throwing a leading pass to a player cutting to the hoop. Why use it The constant movement in this play forces the defense to cover a lot of areas and eventually breaks down after multiple screens and... MORE

Change Options When Entering To 1-4 High Leads To Backdoor Lob

Change Options When Entering To 1-4 High Leads To...

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A guard runs off a pair of inside screens by the forwards at the elbows to come free on the backside for a lob pass at the hoop for a high-percentage shot. Why use it 1-4 High set plays clear space near the hoop. By creating movements on the perimeter, it keeps defensive focus away... MORE

Side-Stack, Cross-Court Jumper

Side-Stack, Cross-Court Jumper

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An off-the-ball double screen stymies the defenders who can’t recover in time to challenge the open mid-range jumper. Why use is Move the inbounder to the opposite corner and shift the defense. A right-side double screen frees your shooter. Set up Stack three players on the lane line closest to sideline where the ball is... MORE


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