Try 3 Simple, Sure-Fire Inbound Sets

Drill the movements in practice, then unleash these easy-to-execute pressure breakers on an overly aggressive zone defense

Install multiple methods to beat zone presses to keep the defense guessing and build your offense’s confidence in subduing pressure.

Go with a 4-across in two of the sets while the other features positioning two players in the frontcourt.

The first set is from a 1-4 across. 1 flashes toward the ball then moves out to screen for 4. 4 comes to the ball, then drops middle. 1 completes the screen and comes to the ball as 2 and 3 extend the defines by running deep [1]. The second set (Hubie Brown press break) places 4 and 1 at the ball-side elbow. When 1 is overplayed, 4 flashes to the ball. 5 passes to 4, who hits 1 moving up the floor. 1 then passes ahead to 2 or 3, or dribbles into the front court [2]. Start the third set from a 1-4 across with 2 and 3 flashing toward the ball, then sprinting deep off screens from 1 and 4 respectively, who had faked deep. 1 and 4 then come to the ball [3].


The goal of the three sets is to get the ball in the best ball handler’s hands away from the corners and sidelines. All sets have a long option to beat an overplaying defense with a deep pass into the frontcourt.

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