Sideline Set Nets 3

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An inside double screen with a shooter coming high baits the defense to shift left as one of your screeners flares right for an open 3-point opportunity.


Why use it


Trailing Croatia by four with 17 seconds remaining in the Olympics, Spain’s men’s team ran this sideline play to create an open 3-pointer on the right wing.


The movements are perfect for a high school or youth team looking to increase its number of endgame plays so your opponents don’t know what’s coming.


Set up


Have 2 and 1 stand next to each other in the lane. 3 takes the ball out of bounds. 4 is at the ball-side elbow. 5 is situated near the top.


Sideline Set Nets 3

How to play


5 steps low and sets a screen for 1, who comes up through the lane, runs his player off the screen and is free for the inbound pass from 3 [1].


5 now joins with 4 to set an inside double screen as 2 runs through the middle of it.


2 curls toward the ball on the perimeter and the defense is certain to think the ball is heading in that direction.


After helping set the double screen, 4 flares to the right wing as 1 dribbles to that side [2].


1 passes to 4.


4 catches and shoots as 5 crashes the boards [3].




1 wants to look at 2 as 2 comes through the double screen to sell the idea of the ball being passed to the left wing.


Be sure 4 doesn’t release from his or her screen too early as it provides an extra moment for the defense to move left before 4 releases with even more room on the right.

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