Side-Stack, Cross-Court Jumper

An off-the-ball double screen stymies the defenders who can’t recover in time to challenge the open mid-range jumper.

Why use is

Move the inbounder to the opposite corner and shift the defense. A right-side double screen frees your shooter.

Set up

Stack three players on the lane line closest to sideline where the ball is located. Your fifth player stands at the top of the key.

Side-Stack, Cross-Court Jumper

How to play

The lowest player in the stack curls around the other two and receives the inbound pass.

The top-of-key player moves into position to set a ball screen [1].

The inbounder breaks for the opposite corner as the ball handler dribbles off the ball screen and in that direction.

As the defense shifts left, the two remaining stacked players set a double screen as the ball screener flares to the right wing [2].

The ball handler skips a pass across the court to the right wing.

The receiver catches the ball, takes one hard dribble, pulls up and knocks down the mid-range jumper [3].


This is a play used by Michigan State’s Tom Izzo. After a team sees it a couple of times, the defenders may cheat toward the right wing, which creates space on the left side for the ball handler
to dribble drive or pass to the corner.


To get more plays like this take a look at The Ultimate Basketball Out-Of-Bounds Playbook.

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