Side Inbound Vs. Zone

When facing a 1-3-1 in a side out-of-bounds situation, attack the short corner then send a cutter through the lane for a high-percentage shot.


The weakness in a 1-3-1 zone is the short corner – the area below the three-across defenders but away from the lone low defender. Get the ball to this area and watch the court open.


With the ball on the side, place a player in the strongside short corner, another as the safety at the top, one on the weak side and another below the top defender.


The pass immediately is made to the short-corner player, which draws the attention of two defenders [A]. On the catch, the player just below the top defender cuts hard through the middle of the lane, which is open. The pass is made from the short corner to the cutter [B]. The low defender jumps to stop the layup but the cutter shoots an open, high-percentage floater over him [C]. No other defenders are close to stopping this shot. If the play breaks down, looks to the perimeter and the inbounder coming into play.


1. Here is the weakness in a 1-3-1 zone – the short corner – get the initial pass here and get the defense moving away from where it wants to be
2. The first pass draws the attention of two defenders and leaves the lane’s middle open


1. This is a hard cut to the middle before the defenders cover this area


1. Shoot a floater before the defense recovers – if it’s taken right away it’s an uncontested shot


The cutter can attack the rim if he or she has the confidence to take the ball at the defender. But, the floater is a nice option as it’s relatively uncontested based on the defense’s positioning.

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