Screen-The-Screener Sets Up Jumper

Start your shooter on the weak-side block, then have the shooter screen high setting up a potential lob before coming off a second screen for an open jumper.


Running action toward the rim forces defenders to collapse, which leaves open spots for the offense when inbounding from the baseline.


Start in a box formation with 1 as one of your better shooters and positioned on the weak-side block.


1 moves up the lane at a diagonal angle to screen for 4. 4 cuts hard toward the hoop and potentially is open for a lob pass at the rim. Even if 4 isn’t open, this action forces the defense to cover the movements toward the rim. 3 spaces to the weak wing. 5 moves up the lane [1]. 5 then screens across for 1 (screen- the-screener action) as 1 curls to the ball-side short corner. 4 clears out of the lane [2]. 2 passes to 1, who catches and shoots if open. 5 and 4 are in rebounding position as 3 moves to the strong side and into a shooting window as a second option [3].


If 4 doesn’t receive the lob, be sure this player gets out of the lane before a 3-second violation is called. If the defenders cheat over the top, 5 can slip to the hoop. Have 3 curl around the 3-point line as another option or simply to have him/her back as a transition defender.

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