Parker Post-Up

When your best player is a forward, look to pound the post, especially on an inbound play where the big man starts at the top of the key.

The Situation

Duke just had tipped off at home against Vermont. After being awarded the ball under the basket, the Blue Devils looked to their top player, Jabari Parker, for the game’s first basket.

Set up

Place your best player at the top of the set when taking the ball out under the basket.

Parker Post-Up

How to play

A simple screen in the lane frees a player in the near corner for the inbound pass [1]. After throwing the pass, the inbounder locates to the far corner using an off-theball screen. The player in the
far corner comes to the top of the set using a screen from your best player. After setting the screen, your best player gains position on the weakside block. The ball handler dribbles out of the corner and passes to the top [2]. The ball continues to move around the perimeter with the pass from top to left corner. An immediate pass is made to your best player in the post, then let him or her go to
work [3].


Be sure your best player isn’t solely focused on getting to the block as the first responsibility is to set a strong off-the-ball screen to initiate the perimeter ball movement.

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