Out-Of-Bounds plays

Baseline out-of-bounds play to sneak in an open shot

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Place your bigger posts on the ball-side of the 4 across set so they can screen for the two shooters and create an open jumper. Why use this out-of-bounds play? As defenses jump to stop the initial shooter curling around a double screen, sneak the second shooter around a second double screen and create an... MORE

Out-of-bounds play sets up second screen for open jumper

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This drills starts your shooter on the weak-side block, then have the shooter screen high setting up a potential lob before coming off a second screen for an open jumper. Why use this out-of-bounds play? Running action toward the rim forces defenders to collapse, which leaves open spots for the offense when inbounding from the... MORE

Try 3 Simple, Sure-Fire Inbound Sets

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Drill the movements in practice, then unleash these easy-to-execute pressure breakers on an overly aggressive zone defense WHY USE IT Install multiple methods to beat zone presses to keep the defense guessing and build your offense’s confidence in subduing pressure. SET UP Go with a 4-across in two of the sets while the other features positioning two players in the frontcourt. HOW TO... MORE

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