Houston Rockets: Shooter starts in far corner, scores from top


Hide your shooter in the far corner opposite the ball, then have that player come off multiple screens to the top of the set for another open 3-pointer.

Why use it

It’s a great play when you want to create an open 3-pointer off a special situation.

Set up

The point guard takes the ball out of bounds. The shooter, 4, is near the opposite corner. 2 is on the weak-side wing. 3 sets up near the ball-side block with 5 on the ball-side elbow.

Houston Rockets: Shooter starts in far corner, scores from top

How to play

2 runs low and screens for 4. 4 begins to curl around the perimeter. 3 comes across the lane and screens for 2. 2 moves along the baseline [1]. 2 continues along the baseline and is flashing toward the ball. 3 curls back toward the hoop. 5 now turns to the weak side, steps to the middle and screens for 4. 4 comes off 5’s screen and is open for a pass at the top [2]. 2 keeps coming toward the ball-side corner to command defensive attention. 4 catches and shoots in rhythm [3].


It’s hard to keep attention away from a shooter who has just knocked down a 3-pointer but by starting 4 in the far corner, you are forcing the defense to cover the entire half-court area.

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