Brad Stevens: Straight-line double screen for 3-pointer

From Brad Stevens, head coach of the Boston Celtics

Your shooter moves from out of the action in the far corner to shooting a 3-pointer on the strong side in this set featuring a pair of double screens.

Why use it

Your shooter isn’t involved until the very end, which takes the focus off him.

Set up

Your point guard takes the ball out of bounds. Place three players in a line in front of him with your best shooter in the far corner. The middle and far players in the line should be your better screeners.

Brad Stevens: Straight-line double screen for 3-pointer

How to play

The middle player in the line pops to the wing and receives the inbound pass. The first player in line moves to set a screen for the point guard coming into play [1]. The point guard starts coming high and receives a handoff pass. He then dribbles to his right toward the top of the set coming off a double ball screen. The shooter begins sprinting from the right corner to the left. The first player in line clears to the right block [2]. Upon reaching the top of the set, the shooter should be in the left corner. The point fires a pass to him. The defenders are walled off by a double screen set just outside the lane by the second and third players in line [3].


The Celtics’ Brad Stevens uses this play. The players setting up the wall cannot allow a defender to split them.

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