Boston Celtics’ cross-court 3-pointer

From Brad Stevens, head coach of the Boston Celtics

This is the perfect play to run when there only are a few seconds left on the clock – it creates spacing for a shooter without the ball being in play.

Why use it

Most teams don’t risk a turnover on a cross-court sideline pass to the opposite corner, but with the right passer and shooter, this play creates an open 3-point try without running time off the clock.

Set up

Starting in a box set, your shooter is located on the strong-side elbow. The player you want as a second option starts on the ball-side block.

Boston Celtics' cross-court 3-pointer


How to play

The ball-side block player screens across, then curls through the lane toward the top. The shooter waits for the lower screen to occur, then begins to move right [1]. The low screener pops toward mid-court and serves as the second/safety-valve option. The shooter runs his defender off the screen and moves to the opposite corner. The player coming across the lane locates in the ball-side corner [2]. The shooter is open in the far corner. It takes a hard, direct cross-court pass to beat the defense and buy the shooter enough time for a game-winning score [3].


This is the play Brad Stevens designed for the Boston Celtics when the team won at Miami early in the 2013-14 season. Jeff Green served as the shooter.

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