‘America’s Play’

The side ball screen, dive, reverse to the top and pass to the rolling screener is popular today – see it run from a side out-of-bounds situation.

Why use it

Teams are running this set because it offers multiple options to score, gets everyone moving and confounds defenses.

Set up

Have three players in a line across from the inbounder with the final player near the strong-side elbow.

‘America’s Play’

How to play

The player at the elbow comes high while the other three sprint to position at the elbows and far wing. The inbounder locates to the near wing [1]. Your team now is in a 1-4 high set. The ball handler dribbles right while the weakside elbow screens for the weak-side wing to allow him free movement to the strongside wing. The inbounder runs to the right block. A pass is made to the left wing [2]. The receiver gets a ball screen and dribbles toward the top. The weak-side elbow pops high and receives a pass. The ball screener rolls to the hoop. A pass is made from the top to the roller [3].


There are a lot of moving pieces to the puzzle but when players understand their assignments, this play nets you points. Arizona ran this play in the preseason NIT. Due to its popularity, ESPN
analyst Dan Dakich dubbed it “America’s Play.”

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