Near-Side Screen Sets Up Rim Lob

Run fake action coming toward the sideline inbound to create space and set up a backdoor lob at the rim for a game-winning shot.


In a tie game, 89-89, with the Orlando Magic earlier this season, the Washington Wizards ran this sideline out-of-bounds play with just 0.8 seconds remaining to earn a victory.


Position two players on the ball side with another two at the weak-side elbow.


The higher of the two ball-side players screens down for the lower one, who curls around the screen and heads for the opposite side. The weak-side players space out with the lower one moving lower, and the higher one moving higher [1]. Now both far-side players flash toward the ball side fooling the defense into thinking they are the intended targets. The curling player continues through the lane and leaps toward the rim [2]. The inbounder tosses a pass to the leaper at the rim for a quick catch and shoot before he lands [3].


Both players flashing toward the ball come hard with hands in a ready position. Sell this fake to pull defenders away from the hoop. Practice this play so the passer gets a feel for how to throw the ball and the scorer knows when to jump.

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