Corner Inbound Results In Layup – Steve Kerr

Take a page of out Golden State’s playbook with this perfectly run set, which uses your shooter as a decoy to pull multiple defenders away from the hoop to set up a layup.

Why use it

Inbounding from the corner is not an easy task. Space is limited. The Golden State Warriors show you how it’s done in this play from the team’s win over the Clippers. Golden State leads 116-115 with 1:08 remaining.

Set up

Start in a bunched diamond with your best shooter (1) closest to the ball (in this case that’s Steph Curry). The player you want scoring at the rim is 5. For the Warriors, Andre Iguodala is inbounding as the 4 with Draymond
Green acting as the cutter (5).

Corner Inbound Results In Layup - Steve Kerr

How to play

1 splits between 3 and 5 and heads toward the perimeter. When 1 is a talented 3-point shooter, this draws a lot of defensive attention. In this instance, two defenders chase 1. 2 slips to the hoop, which draws another defender [1]. 2 continues through the lane and clears to the opposite side to take his defender with him. 5 now slips to the hoop and there aren’t enough defenders remaining to guard 5. 4 passes to 5 [2]. 5 scores the layup as 3 crashes the boards. 2 retreats in transition defense [2].


1 sells the move to the perimeter with hands ready and either clapping or yelling for the ball. 5 must wait for 2 to clear so 2’s defender doesn’t have the opportunity to retreat and help.

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