Kick Out Dribble Drive

Create space for your forward who has the ability to put the ball on the ground and create a shot, just like Kentucky’s Julius Randle.

No. 1 Kentucky trailed No. 2 Michigan State, 59-50, in a big-time, early-season matchup. With 9:49 remaining, the Wildcats ran this play for Julius Randle to net a couple of points.

The ball starts with your star (in this case, Randle is highlighted with the white circle) on the strong (left) side of the court. Two players are on the left block with another on the left wing.

Your best player passes to the only player on the right side of the floor. The inside post player screens for the other, who relocates to the strong-side block and posts up [1]. The player in the post pops out a step and receives an entry pass. The passer cuts through the lane and your star moves to the top of the set [2]. The post dribbles out toward the perimeter and passes to the star, who is cutting toward the hoop. Having control of his dribble, the star dribble-drives into the lane and scores on a short jumper [3].

basketball dribbling drill

Instead of simply running isolation for your best player, this set allows him or her to get a head of steam moving toward the basket to create an easier scoring opportunity.

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