‘Wildcat Horns’ Scores Top 3

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The point guard starts the action with an elbow-entry pass, disappears low, then comes high off a down screen to catch a pass and shoot a top-of-key 3-pointer.


Why use it


There are so many options from a Horns set and this one creates a top-of-key 3-pointer as well as the possibility of a post feed. This spreads the defense so help isn’t readily available and one option should be open.


Set up


Go from a traditional Horns sets with the guards in opposite corners and the posts at opposite elbows. The point guard is dribbling the ball at the top.


‘Wildcat Horns’ Scores Top 3

How to play


4 pops high from the right elbow.

1 throws the entry pass to 4.

1 then relocates low toward the left block.

5 shifts from the left elbow to slightly lower than where 4 began.

3 steps toward the hoop, then pops to the wing.

4 passes across to 3 [1].

5 runs toward the left block and receives an inside screen from 1.

After setting the screen, 1 moves high through the middle of the lane.

4 comes down and screens for 1.

1 curls to the top [2].

3 passes across to 1.

1 shoots the 3-pointer.

3 also has the option to pass to 5 on the left block if open [3].




1 appears out of the action when he or she moves low. When 1 screens for 5, it appears the ball is to be delivered to the post, which allows 1 to come free at the top off 4’s screen.

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