Skip Past A 1-2-2

Constant actions from a Horns set moves a 1-2-2 zone out of position, which allows you to create an open 3-pointer at the top of the key.

Why use it

An aggressive 1-2-2 zone defense can be a nightmare for the opposition. With a top defender slowing the initial action, it is difficult to find holes against this type of zone. This play moves players into open spaces, uses a couple skip passes and softens the zone.

Set up

Your point has the ball at the top with 3 and 4 at opposite elbows, and 5 and 2 near opposite corners. This is a traditional Horn look and matches up well against a 1-2-2.

How to play

3 and 4 come high with 1 passing to 4 to start the action.

On the pass to 4, 1 moves to the opposite wing.

3 shifts lower in the set below the 3-point line.

2 pushes deeper into the ball-side corner with 5 cutting backdoor [1].

4 skips a pass across to 1, who is open as 3 occupies that side’s wing defender.

4 follows the pass toward the top.

3 then relocates to the left block as 5 comes high through the lane [2].

4 now steps low and sets a down screen for the flashing 5.

5 comes off the screen, continues to come high and receives a skip pass from 1 for an open shot [3].


4’s screen is on the top defender, who has been caught a bit low due to the ball being on the wing. 4 must make sure to seal this defender to create the open shot for 5.

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