Look For The Long-Distance Lob

From Wes Kosel, assistant men’s coach at Colorado College


Going 94 feet in a second or less remaining on the clock is not an easy task — you need to create action going toward the hoop with a lob pass so the shot is a quick one.


Why use it


Unlike the NBA, high school and youth teams don’t get to move the ball to midcourt after a timeout in the closing moments.

So, when you are stuck on the opposite baseline with a second or less on the clock, your chances of scoring aren’t great. This play improves those chance with a couple screens at a lob at the rim.


Set up

All four players other than the inbounder set up in the front court. Your guards are in opposite corners. Your posts are at opposite elbows so you are in a Horns look.

Look For The Long-Distance Lo

How to play


4 moves across the lane and screens for 5. 5 curls to the outside of the screen near the 3-point line.


2 takes a step or two toward the hoop, then begins to curl toward the perimeter [1].


2 continues curling around the perimeter running off 5’s shoulder and acts as a decoy to draw defensive attention away from the hoop.


1 moves into the lane and sets a backscreen for 4, who uses the screen and cuts to the basket looking for the lob pass from 3 [2].


If you have a little more time on the clock, 3 passes to 5, who then throws the lob to 4 [3].



The final option is great because it greatly increases the chances of the lob working, but it still requires an accurate 3-to-5 pass and an extra couple seconds on the clock.

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