Horns Hits A Triple Scoring Option

Horns sets work incredibly well when you have multiple outside shooters on the floor and people who have the ability to penetrate the lane, which is open due to the formation.


This set is hard to scout because it presents with outside and inside scoring opportunities, so defenders can’t cheat one way or the other, because then they get beaten.


Your posts are at opposite elbows with your guards in opposite corners. The point guard has the ball at the top.


4 steps high to set a ball screen for 1. 1 dribbles off the ball screen as 4 then pops to the top. 5 diagonally cuts through the lane to the right-side block. 3 elevates out of the corner to the weak-side wing [1]. 1 reaches the wing, plants and reverses the ball back to 4 at the top. 1 and 2 then exchange positions with 1 moving to the right corner and 2 coming to the wing. 4 continues the ball reversal with a pass to 3. On that pass, 5 comes back across the lane to the left-side block [2]. After making the ball-reversal pass to 3, 4 now follows the ball to set a ball screen for 3. 3 dribbles hard off the ball screen and attacks the middle of the lane. 1 and 2 are in position to catch and shoot on the right side, or 3 can dribble-attack all the way to the rim [3].


1. With everything initially happening on the right side of the floor, 3 makes sure to come out of the corner and to the wing in time for the eventual ball reversal as 3 holds the key to this play
2. 1 dribbles hard off the ball screen and attacks the wing to start shifting the defense and to pull attention away from the top so the pass to 4 is a little easier to start the ball reversal



3. 5 moves back and forth from block to block as the ball moves side to side (always moving to the ball side of the floor)
4. 1 and 2 exchange spots as another level of movement to keep defenders shifting and possibly getting one of these players a little more open for a shot


5. 3 attacks all the way to the rim if the lane is wide open but typically 2 is open for a wing jumper when the defense collapses


Usually the best option is a kick-out pass to 2 on the wing as 2’s defender collapses to stop the ball when 3 turns the corner toward the lane.

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