Create 4 options from 1 play

Keep your players screening and moving so the defense simply can’t take away one scoring opportunity — and if one fails, teach your players patience as another chance emerges.

Why use it

Horns plays are fantastic for creating multiple options. This one keeps the ball moving around the elbows while screening away and setting up inside cutters, as well as a flare perimeter option.

Set up

Start from a basic Horns set with your guards in opposite corners and the forwards at opposite elbows as the point guard dribbles at the top.

How to play

5 pops to the elbow extended. 1 passes to 5.

1 sets a flex cut for 3.

3 curls into the lane for a layup at the strongside block for option 1 [1]. If 3 isn’t open, 4 sets a down screen for 1.

1 comes high and receives a pass from 5 for a perimeter jumper as the second option.

If 1 isn’t open, then 1 and 5 play the two-man game for the third option. Or, work the ball to 2 in the corner.

Have 4 clear on the opposite side and set up a potential post pass from 2
to 3 for the final option [2].

When the ball is entered to 4, 5 makes a flare screen for 1. 4 passes to 1 for the jumper [3].


Another option out of the third diagram is to have 1 come to the ball. 4 hands off to 1 for a drive to the hoop, a pitch to 3 or a dish to 5 heading to the basket. Or, use a fake handoff, then have 1 and 5 set down screens for 3 and 2 respectively so they come high for potential shots.

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