Circle the perimeter, score at the rim

From Dave Rose, BYU Cougers head coach

This play has a little bit of everything – baseline cut, handoff, dribble attack, backscreen and a lob at the rim creating a high-percentage scoring opportunity the defense can’t stop.

Why use it

Horns sets are perfect for backdoor plays as the wings are spaced to the sidelines and the posts are at the elbows, which brings their defenders away from the hoop and toward the perimeter. This leaves the space near the basket uncovered.

Set up

This is a more traditional Horn set than the first in that the posts are at the elbows and the guards are located closer to the corner. BYU ran this play tied at 70-70 against Harvard in overtime.

Circle the perimeter, score at the rim

How to play

4 pops to the perimeter and receives a pass from 1. 1 circles through the middle of the lane then runs up behind 4. 2 runs along the baseline from the right corner to the left block. 3 runs across the top of the set as 1 is circling through the lane [1]. 4 hands off the ball to 1. 5 steps high and sets a backscreen for 3. 3 runs to the outside of the screen, curls toward the hoop and looks for the lob pass from 1 who has used the dribble to attack the middle [2]. 3 catches and scores before landing if the pass from 1 is on the mark. 4 screens down for 2 just in case the lob isn’t made to bring 2 to the perimeter [3].


3 must wait until 1 enters the lane after the initial pass before circling the perimeter. This timing in important for the upcoming lob pass.

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