High Screen & Pop For Jumper

When you have a multi-faceted post player, it opens the offense – check out how UConn used Stefanie Dolson at the high post and eventually for a long-range jumper

Defenses don’t have an answer for a talented post player who excels on the perimeter. Stick your post high and let that player shoot the open jumper if available.

UConn won the opening tip in the women’s national title game and immediately went into this set. The talented post (for UConn it was Stefanie Dolson) starts just above the top of the key. Place a player on each wing, one along the lane line and the point guard is at the top.

The point passes to the right, then runs off a high screen from the talented post player. The left wing comes high and receives a return pass at the top. The weak-side post relocates to the wing [1]. The point guard comes high off a screen from the right wing as she relocates to the opposite block. The pass goes to the point as the passer runs off another high screen from the talented post player [2]. The talented post pops after the pick, receives a pass from the point guard and shoots the open jumper [3].


If the defense presses the set’s top, the talented post looks to the player flashing to the left wing or to the player posting on the right block.