High Off-Ball Screen For 3-Pointer

Bring your post high to set an off-ball screen and free a previous passer for an open opposite-wing long jumper

Lots of perimeter ball movement typically causes a defender to lose track of his responsibility – take advantage by setting a high off-ball screen.

The University of Dayton made a strong NCAA Tournament push into the second weekend. The Flyers used this play in the first half of the Ohio State game after the Buckeyes had drilled a 3-pointer to lead 29-28.

The shooter is located on the right wing and the point guard is dribbling at the top. The point dribbles at the shooter, passes to him and relocates to the right wing. The post moves to the right side as the trailer fills a gap on the left [1]. The shooter dribbles toward the top and passes to the left wing. The post moves high as the point guard shifts low [2]. The post sets the off-ball high screen and the shooter moves behind it. The pass is made from the left wing and the shot is taken [3].

3-pointer play

After the shooter passes to the left wing, watch this player’s defender – most likely he has dropped a little low and possibly is watching the ball more than his responsibility.

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