High Handoff Increases Options

From Wes Kosel, an assistant coach with the Colorado College men’s program in Colorado Springs

There are inside options to start, then perimeter-shot options follow in this set utilizing the threat of or an actual handoff to keep the defense guessing.

Why use it

Defenses are at risk to giving up backdoor cuts and scores due to all offensive players being located higher than the free throw line. The first couple of options take advantage of this while the final options exploit the perimeter as the defense tries to recover and guard the backdoor cutters.

Set up

Start in a 1-4 High formation with the posts located at the elbows and the guards on the wings. The point guard is dribbling at the top.

High Handoff Increases Options

How to play


1 passes to 5 at the left elbow.


3 makes a backdoor basket cut and looks for the pass from 5 [1].


If 3 isn’t open, 3 moves to the opposite block.


1 then cuts around 5 looking for a handoff or pass for a layup.


4 steps out and screens for 2.


2 circles toward the top. If 1 isn’t open, 5 looks to pass to 2 for a shot [2].


If 2 doesn’t have a shot, he continues his cut around 5 and is in position for a handoff.


5 either gives 2 the ball or dribbles across.


4 screens down for 3.


3 cuts to the wing.


5 or 2 passes to 3. 4 continues low and screens for 1 to free 1 going to the
corner for a potential shot [3].




This is a quick-moving drill. There is no half-jogging to the cone. Keep track of made layups and work toward a goal of making a certain number in a row. Reset back to zero if a player misses or puts the ball on the floor.

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