High Double Ball Screen Sets Up Corner 3

Your point guard takes care of the ball reversal with the dribble as the shooter moves across the lane, then back again to end in the left corner for an open 3-pointer.

This set first appears to be intended for the dribbler to turn the corner or to hit a screener rolling to the hoop, but in fact it’s designed for a shooter moving to the corner.

The point guard has the ball on the right side of the floor, between 5 and 2, who are outside the 3-point line as well. 3 and 4 start near the weak-side block.

5 runs to the opposite side of 1. 5 joins 2 in setting a double ball screen for 1. 1 dribbles left off the pair of screens. 3, standing to the outside of 4, moves in the opposite direction of the ball and to the right block [diagram1].

5 and 2 roll toward the hoop as 1 continues dribbling left. 4 steps into the lane and screens for 3. 3 now comes back to the left side and runs off 4’s screen [diagram 2].

3 continues all the way to the left corner. 2 stops rolling toward the hoop and pops back to the perimeter as 5 stops and screens for 2. 1 passes to 3 for the open corner shot [diagram 3].

2 is a solid second option who may be open if the defense collapses thinking both 5 and 2 are heading toward the basket.


    1. 1 waits for 5 to move to his left, then uses the double screen to dribble free on the left side of the floor
    2. As 1 moves to the left, 3 runs in the opposite direction along the baseline to set up running off a screen to move back to the left

    3. 3 plants with the right foot, spins back toward the baseline and runs off 4’s shoulder to gain separation on the left side
    4. 5 and 2 roll toward the hoop and become a bit forgotten with all the action on the left side

    5. 3 runs all the way to the corner, catches the pass from 1 and shoots before the defense recovers
    6. 2 is a viable option for a pass from 1 as well, especially with 5 picking off the defenders caught below the 3-point line

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