Hayward’s Game-Winner Vs. Cavs

Multiple screens free your talented scorer coming to the top of the set to create a buzzer-beating open jumper.


Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz is a talented player who has the ability to put the ball on the floor and shoot. Run this play for your team’s best player.


The shooter (3) is at the free-throw line. The ball is being inbounded from the left hash mark.


3 moves low and sets a screen for the weak-side lane-line player (1) coming high. 2 moves from the weak corner to the strong one [1]. 1 comes off the screen and sets a screen for 4 moving away from the ball. 4 then sets a screen for 3, who pops high. The inbound pass goes from 5 to 3 [2]. If there are a couple seconds on the clock, 4 spins and sets a ball screen for 3. 3 takes a couple dribbles into his shot and drills the game winning basket as 4 rolls to the hoop and 1 moves high. If 3 spots 4 open on the roll, 3 has the option to make the pass [3].


4 is the key as he sets the screen to get 3 free, then immediately spins and executes an on-ball screen. 4 needs to get a solid base and not push from one screen to the next so to avoid the offensive foul.

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