Go 94 feet in 8 seconds

The Iowa Hawkeyes ran this set trailing by 1 point to in-state rival Iowa State to set up a perfect, open 3-pointer opportunity after inbounding from the opposite baseline.

Why use it

Trailing then-No. 4 Iowa State, 83-82, Iowa had 94 feet to cover in eight seconds. The Hawkeyes ran this beautifully designed play, which uses an initial double screen as a decoy, then utilizes another screen for one of the screeners to create an open shot. Iowa missed the shot but the actions remain useful.

Set up

2 and 3 are set wide to run the sidelines. 5 is in the middle of the floor with 4 inbounding and 1 ready to catch and go.

Go 94 feet in 8 seconds

How to play

4 throws the ball into 1. 1 quickly dribbles up the floor and 2 and 3 fill opposite lanes. 5 starts in the middle but then runs toward the left corner. 4 fills the middle after passing [1]. 3 and 4 move toward 5. 5 comes out of the corner and runs off the double screen. The use of the double screen causes the defense to focus on 5 curling into the middle [2]. 1 looks at 5 to keep the defense honest. 4 then moves a bit lower and screens for 3. 3 curls around the screen and receives a pass from 1. 3 has an open shot. 4, 5 and 2 crash the boards in case of a miss [3].


Eight seconds is a lot of time provided 1 dribbles quickly into the front court so the actions have the opportunity to develop. If the defense gives the space, have 1 start to move up the court before receiving the inbound pass to gain momentum.

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