Force Zone Into A Decision

A high screen in a zone forces the other high defender into a choice — guard the ball handler or stay on the wing — either way you have scoring options.

When facing a zone, use a high screen to eliminate a defender from the action and use your numbers advantage to set up a clean look at the hoop.

The point guard has the ball on the right side of the zone. with everyone else to his or her left.

4 comes across and screens the defender closest to 1. 5 dives into the lane to draw defensive attention [1]. As 1 dribbles left, the other top defender either has to pick him up or stay near 2. When the defender opts to guard 1, then 1 passes across to 2. If open, 2 shoots the 3-pointer [2]. If the low defender comes up to guard 2, then a quick pass to 3 in the corner sets up an open 3-point look. 5 continues to clog the bottom of the zone but gets out of the paint before the refs can call a violation [3].

Force Zone Into A Decision

1 dribbles hard off the ball screen but doesn’t get too close to 2, otherwise the remaining top defender can guard both of them. Instruct 2 also to look to the opposite corner. When the defense collapses, 3 should be open.

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