Flash, catch, seal & score

From Jared Curtiss, head girls coach at West Linn High Oregon

Once again a post flashes middle but this time the pass goes over the top to a teammate sealing the defender on the opposite post for an easy scoring opportunity.

Why use it

When a post flashes to the middle and receives the ball, that player then commands tremendous defensive attention. Take advantage of this by having a teammate seal of helping defender to get in scoring position.

Set up

You are on the right wing with a ball. Have a player waiting on the opposite wing. The flasher begins in the left-side short corner. Position a defender just above the block while the sealer starts in the ball-side short corner.

Flash, catch, seal & score

How to play

The flashes cuts to the middle below the free-throw line but not too low as the defender is waiting to stop the ball. On the catch, the teammate in the opposite short corner runs at the back of the defender, gets low and seals the defender [1].

The player in the middle tosses a high, over-the-top pass to the sealing teammate [2].

On the catch, the sealer goes right up and bounces the ball off the backboard and into the hoop [3].


Instruct your players on the flash to have ready hands. They cannot drop the ball on a middle flash, otherwise it disrupts the timing of what you want to accomplish and allows a defender or two to have a chance to create a turnover. Constantly say “no drops” on the middle flash to keep that idea in the player’s head.

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