Enter to middle, dribble at cutter

From Wes Kosel, assistant coach at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Create a lot of fake action on the left side as the center catches the ball in the high post and makes it seem as if a handoff is coming before the right wing cuts backdoor.

Why use it

A lot of action on one side of the court occupies multiple defenders to create space on the opposite side for a backcut and score at the rim. The other advantage is that there are potential scorers coming toward the ball if the backdoor cut isn’t available.

Set up

Place your center in the middle of the free-throw line with wings spread wide on each side. 1 is dribbling on the right side with 4 extended beyond the 3-point line on the opposite side of 1.

Enter to middle, dribble at cutter

How to play

1 throws the entry pass to 5 in the middle. 1 then curs around 5 to the opposite block. 4 relocates low, then to the left corner as 3 comes high out of the wing [1]. The action on the left occupies those defenders as 5 dribbles toward 2 on the right. 2 takes a step toward the ball and the defense thinks a handoff is coming. 2 then plants and cuts hard toward the hoop [2]. 5 makes the backdoor pass to 2 for the layup. If that pass isn’t available, 5 still has 3 coming toward the top or even 4 coming out of the corner for a potential 3-pointer [3].


This play also can be run with 2 coming to the ball and accepting the handoff instead of cutting backdoor. In that case, 5 rolls to the hoop and 2 looks to pass to 5 on the roll or 3 coming to the top.

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