Draw Double, Pass Backside

Draw a double-team in the post on one side of the floor as your best player cuts to the hoop using an off-the-ball, weak-side screen.

Still trailing Duke midway through the first half, Kansas goes back to its superstar, Andrew Wiggins, on a well-timed backside cut as the defense was occupied double-teaming the post.

Your best player (Wiggins for Kansas is highlighted) sets in the left corner with initial action on the right side of the floor.

The point guard starts play with a pass to the right wing. The right post gains position on the block and calls for the ball. After making the pass, the point guard moves into position to screen for your best player [1]. Your star uses the off-the-ball screen to come to the left wing. The defense double-teams the post, which causes your forward to dribble toward the perimeter [2]. The dribble away from the hoop draws the defenders out, leaving space for a backside cut. Your best player cuts toward the hoop, receives the pass and scores easily before the defenders recover [3].

Basketball passing play

The player on the right block needs to be a legitimate post scorer to draw a double-team. This leaves the backside open.

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