Downscreens, Ball Reversal & Lob

Shift the defense with downscreens, then work the ball across the top of the set to clear space for a well-timed backscreen leading to a lob

The best time to catch a defense off-guard for a backdoor scoring opportunity is when you are moving the ball from one side of the court to the other.

Start in a box formation, then send the elbow players low to set screens for the players on the post.

The right-side player flashes hard to the wing and receives a pass as the left-side player fakes high, then curls back low [1]. Begin ball reversal by dribbling from right to left. The point guard flares to the left wing coming off a screen and a receives a pass. The lowest two players switch sides with the player on the left block curling into the middle [2]. The curling player then sets a backdoor screen for the left-elbow player who jumps toward the rim as the point guard tosses a lob over the defense [3].

With so much action going toward the left, there is plenty of room on the right side for a well-placed lob. Be sure this pass is made high over the defense so only your player has the ability to secure the ball. The scorer shoots before landing to maintain his or her advantage.

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