Double Screen & Pop

Your best player executes a double screen on the block before popping toward the wing, catching a pass and dribbling into the lane.

Looking to head into halftime with a comfortable lead against South Florida, Oklahoma State turns to its superstar yet again and pushes its advantage from 12 to 14 points on this play.

Your star is partnered with another player on the left block. The ball is located on the right wing with the right post ready to move across the lane and come off the double screen.

The ball is passed from the right wing to the top as the right post curls around the double screen. The new ball handler looks to pass to the curling player [1]. If that option is not available, your best player runs off an inside screen to come free on the left side of the court. The curling player clears back to the starting point near the right block [2]. The pass is made from the top to your star. Your star dribbles into the lane and takes a high percentage shot [3].

Basketball screen play

The defense focuses on the curling player and as he clears through the lane, the left side of the court becomes empty. It creates the perfect scenario to get the ball into the hands of your superstar in a 1-on-1 situation.

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