Double Screen Leads To 3-Pointer

The high ball screener executes the initial action, then moves low to join a double screen in freeing a shooter coming to the weak-side wing.


Starting low, move both of your better shooters toward the perimeter when you need a 3-pointer. A weak-side double screen creates the separation your shooter needs.


The point guard (1) has the ball shaded to the left side of the court. The center (5) starts at the free-throw line. Both of your shooters (2 and 3) are positioned on opposite blocks.


5 moves high to set the ball screen while the left-wing player (4) shifts low to start the double screen to free 3 [1]. After setting the ball screen, 5 moves low and joins 4 in a double screen. 3 uses the double screen to come free on the left wing. 2 has shifted from the right block toward the corner [2]. 1 has dribbled right and looks back left for 3 coming open. Also take a look at 2 moving up from the corner as a potential open shooter as well [3].



1 doesn’t turn back left until the double screen is being executed. Turning early allows the defense to read the play and jump the wing. Have 2 seem out of the play in the corner and possibly his or her defender sags off, which creates an opening.

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