‘Double-double’ damages defenses

From Basketball Coach Weekly

Start with a pair of low screens as players cross, then a pair of screens to bring players from the weak side to the ball side, which sets up reversal and an eventual drive to the hoop.

Why use it

With so many screens in this one set, man defenses are bound to struggle guarding everyone in this play. The screens also are spaced on the court where one defender simply can’t sit back and cover two offensive players

Set up

The point guard is dribbling at the top with the forwards on the wing and your guards on opposite blocks.

'Double-double' damages defenses

How to play

2 moves across the lane and screens for 3. 4 and 5 move low. 4 screens for 3 coming across the lane. 3 comes free on the right wing. 5 screens for 2 curling to the left wing. 1 dribbles right and passes to 3 [1]. Now, 1 goes to screen away for 2. 2 uses the screen to move toward the top of the set. 4 comes across the lane and screens for 5. 5 goes under the screen (closer to the hoop) to the ball-side block [2]. 5 pops to the short corner. 3 starts ball reversal with a pass to 2. 2 continues reversal with a pass to 1. On the pass, 4 now comes high and sets a ball screen. 1 attacks the middle with the dribble and looks to attack the hoop [3].


1 goes all the way to the basket if possible. 1 also may have 3 moving into a shooting window on the right wing or even a dump-off pass to 5 in the short corner if 5’s defender moves to help on 1’s dribble.

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