Dive Then Flash Creates Jumper At Top

The point guard appears simply to be diving toward the hoop after making the entry pass but a subsequent screen from the middle player frees the guard coming back high for a shot

The ball is at the top shaded slightly to the left side. 5 is on the left elbow. 2 is in the opposite corner. 4 and 3 are on the ball-side block.

4 turns toward the lane and screens for 3. 3 uses the screen to come to the perimeter. 1 passes to 3, then runs off 5’s screen [diagram 1].

After setting the initial screen, 4 establishes position on the block and looks for the ball. 3 makes a post entry to 4. 1 continues running through the lane toward the hoop, then plants and reverses direction to come off another screen from 5. 1 slightly curls toward the left side while coming to the perimeter [diagram 2].

4 fires a pass to 1 as 1 moves back toward the top. 1 takes the open shot as 3 moves toward the corner for spacing purposes [diagram 3].

5 is setting three different screens in this play — make sure 5 knows proper stance for these screens and isn’t moving into the next screen before the current one is complete.

    1. 3 runs off 4’s right shoulder so 3 has space to receive a pass on the perimeter without the defender getting into the passing lane from 1 to 3
    2. Run this play enough, or catch 1’s defender not paying attention, and 5’s screen may set up 1 to run all the way to the hoop to catch a lob from 3

    3. 4 establishes strong post position and takes a big step out to meet the pass — this allows 4 a better sightline to the perimeter
    4. 1 sells that he or she is running low, then comes hard back toward the perimeter to get free for the shot

    5. 1 makes a final move slightly to his or her right so 5 can pick off any remaining defenders

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