Deep dribble, ball reversal create weak-side shot

From the Iona playbook

Iona drove the ball deep into the right corner against Iowa State, only to reverse it the other way and hit a shooter flaring to the opposite corner for an open shot.

Why use it

Iona had all it could handle in the first round of the NCAA men’s tournament. The Gaels used this set to move defensive attention one way, then pass the ball to the other side before defensive recovery was possible.

Set up

The point guard is dribbling on the right side of the floor. All players are outside the 3-point line with 5 and 3 on the ball side and 2 and 4 on the weak side.

How to play

3 steps high and sets a ball screen for 1. 1 dribbles deep into the right corner. 3 comes off the screen and receives a screen from 5. 3 uses it to move to the top of the set [1]. 1 begins ball reversal with a pass to 3 at the top. 4 now steps higher and sets a backscreen for 2. 2 moves to the left corner [2]. As 2 flares toward the left corner, 3 sends a pass in that direction. 4 rolls to the hoop in case of a missed shot. 2 catches and shoots [3].


1 doesn’t want to spend too long in the right corner, especially after picking up the dribble. Be sure 1 makes a quick pass to 3 at the top as 3 gets open off 5’s screen. 2 wants to catch and shoot in rhythm to take advantage of the space. Don’t forget about 4 rolling to the hoop if 4’s defender cheats toward the corner.

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