Curl Shooters, Set Up Roller

As the defense rushes to close out on multiple shooters, a ball screen and roll is a simple action to create a high-percentage opportunity near the hoop.

This set’s initial actions look like the defense may start cheating toward the perimeter. Add in a ball screen and watch the roller come free heading toward the basket.

All five players are higher than the free-throw line with 2 and 3 deeper than 4 and 1 on the wings, and 5 in the middle of the floor.  

1 passes across to 4, then runs off a screen set by 5. 1 moves to the left-block area. 4 then swings the ball to 2 and runs off a screen from 5 to relocate near the right block [diagram 1].

After setting the two screens, 5 pops high and receives a pass from 2. 2 and 3 now set down screens for 1 and 4. 1 and 4 curl hard to the perimeter. 5 passes to 1 [diagram 2].

Instead of shooting, 1 immediately dribbles right and uses a ball screen from 5. 5 then rolls to the basket as all defenders are on the perimeter. 1 passes to 5 for the layup [diagram 3].

1 also has the option to throw a pass to 2 heading to the corner. If you run the pick and roll a few times, expect 2’s defender to cheat low, which leaves 2 wide open in the corner.

    1. 5 sets a pair of screens and pops to the perimeter to receive a pass

    2. 1 curls hard to the wing and looks as if he or she is going to catch and shoot off the pass — this pulls the defender even further from the hoop
    3. 4 also comes hard to the wing and garners defensive attention so the defenders on this side simply can’t sag into the middle

    4. 2 pops to the corner and is read for a pass from 1 if the defense collapses
    5. 5 typically is wide open because the defense is thinking this is a play for a shooter outside the 3-point line

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