Create Space With Baseline Run

A fake pass followed by running the baseline opens space for a long baseball pass leading into a quick look at a guard coming off a screen.

Having to go 94 feet in just a couple seconds limits your options. Increase the percentage of completing a long baseball pass by moving the inbounder.

The shooter stands calmly with hands on hips giving the impression he’s not involved. The screener starts on the opposite side of the shooter and closer to mid-court. Place two offensive players deep so there aren’t any more defenders near mid-court who could knock down the baseball pass.

The inbounder fakes a pass to get his defender in the air, then sprints to the other side of the basket (provided this is off a made bucket). The screener moves into position and the initial pass catcher pops toward mid-court [1]. The baseball pass is made on the popout, the screen is set for the shooter, who sprints into the front court [2]. The receiver fires a quick pass to the shooter who is on the move. He catches the pass and shoots quickly to beat the buzzer [3].

The screener and shooter wait patiently for the inbounder’s fake pass and baseline run so as not to give away their movements.

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