Create a catch and drive opportunity

An initial high screen and cross with another guard leads to the scorer moving low, then coming off a second screen for a catch-and-drive opportunity.

Why use this play

  • Use a couple of screens to create space for a talented ball handler.

Set up

  • All five players begin above the free-throw line with the two guards closer to midcourt with the forwards on the wings and the center in the middle.

How to play

  • 2 initially has the ball and starts the action with a pass to 3 on the wing.
  • 5 steps high and sets a screen as 2 and 1 cross just in front of the screen.
  • This crossing action combined with a screen creates more separation for 1 and 2 [1].
  • 5 steps to the top and 3 passes to 5. 3 and 4 then move low and set downscreens.
  • 1 and 2 cross again, this time under thehoop and move to the wings with 1 running off 4’s screen and 2 moving off 3’s screen [2].
  • 5 throws a pass to 2. 2 catches and attacks the middle as 2 should have a step on the defender.
  • 3 and 4 clear to the perimeter for spacing [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this play

Create a catch and drive opportunity

How to perfect the technique for this play

  • Ideally, 2 takes the ball to the hoop and scores.
  • But, if the drive is taken away, 1 is moving into a shooting window for a potential kickout pass for a 3-pointer.
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