Corner Cut For Layup

Move your top player from the wing to the opposite corner and eventually to the rim – this keeps the defense guessing and makes for an easy score.

Oklahoma State is up by 10 points with 6:47 remaining in the first half of an early season, non-conference tilt with South Florida. Superstar guard Marcus Smart finishes the game with 25 points, including this set play resulting in two points.

Position four players, including your star, outside the 3-point line with a single player on the ball-side block.

The ball is on the right wing and is passed toward the top. Your star (Marcus Smart for Oklahoma State is highlighted with a white circle) cuts to the right corner as the right post comes high [1]. After dribbling left, the ball handler comes back across the top of the set to the right off a ball screen from the post who has moved high. The right wing relocates to the left wing. Your best player takes one big step toward the ball, then cuts to the hoop [2]. This cut places the defender on your star’s back, so a precise pass from the wing results in layup opportunity [3].

Basketball layup play

The step fake by your best player coming from the corner sells this play. Make it a hard step to force the defense to move toward the perimeter.

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