Combat zones like Dayton

From Archie Miller’s Dayton Flyers playbook

When a zone extends to the perimeter and only leaves a single player near the hoop, use an inside screen and an over-the-top pass to score a layup

Why use it

Dayton played Syracuse and the Orange’s vaunted zone in the first round of last year’s NCAA Tournament. While the Flyers didn’t knock off Syracuse, they did run this set coming out of a timeout in the first half to score an easy bucket.

Set up

Syracuse’s zone was extended a bit farther out than normal against the guard-oriented Flyers. Dayton had the point guard start on the left and penetrate toward the middle with a forward at the right elbow, a guard on the right wing and another corner in the right corner.

Combat zones like Dayton

How to play

1 dribbles to the right. 4 moves from the right elbow and screens the defender on the ball [1]. 1 continues dribbling across toward the right. A zone defender comes out to guard 1. There is another defender on 2 on the wing. 5 steps into the lane and screens the lone bottom defender. 4 rolls to the hoop. 3 starts cutting toward the hoop from the right corner [2]. 5 holds the screen. 1 passes to 3 over the top of the zone (or through the zone on the bounce). 3 catches and scores at the rim [3].


If for some reason the interior defender fights through the screen or anticipates it, 1 looks for 4 on the roll toward the backside of the rim for a layup.

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