Clear, Drive, Kick & Shoot

Move your best shooter into a clear window as the point guard attacks and draws the defense, which sets up the kick-out pass.

This is a great play to use late in a game whether you need two or three points. The initial and third actions net two points while the second creates a 3-pointer.

The point guard (1) has the ball on the right side with 5 on the ball-side block. The best shooter on the floor (2) starts deep on the opposite wing.

5 comes high and fakes setting a ball screen for 1. 5 then sprints to the top of the key as he gains position for the upcoming staggered screen for 2. 1 comes off the fake and penetrates into the defense. If the defense doesn’t collapse, 1 has the option to score at the rim [1]. 4 and 5 move left and set a staggered screen for 2. 2 moves into a ball-side shooting window and receives a kick-out pass from 1. If open, 2 shoots from behind the arc [2]. If you only need two points and 2 has an opening, he or she dribble drives toward the hoop with 5 rolling as a second option. 1 spaces to the corner and is available for a kick-out pass as well [3].

Instruct 2 also to look to the opposite corner. When the defense collapses, 3 should be open.

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