Change Options When Entering To 1-4 High Leads To Backdoor Lob

A guard runs off a pair of inside screens by the forwards at the elbows to come free on the backside for a lob pass at the hoop for a high-percentage shot.

Why use it

1-4 High set plays clear space near the hoop. By creating movements on the perimeter, it keeps defensive focus away from the basket and sets up easy scoring opportunities.

Set up

Go from a 1-4 High look with your forwards at the elbows and the guards on the wings with the point guard dribbling at the top of the set.

How to play

  • 3 sprints toward the hoop dragging the defender in that direction. 4 steps toward 2.
  • 2 curls toward the middle of the floor [1].
  • 4 turns to the ball and 1 enters it to 4.
  • 5 takes a step high and picks off 2’s trailing defender.
  • 2 runs hard off the screen and now is curling toward the hoop.
  • 3 clears to the right corner to create space near the basket.
  • 3’s defender must follow 3 to the corner, otherwise, 4 passes to 3 for the open shot [2].
  • 4 throws an over-the-top pass to 2 heading to the basket. 2 catches and shoots before any defender recovers.
  • 5 crashes the boards as 1 relocates to the wing running off 4, just in case the lob to 2 isn’t open [3].





4’s and 5’s defenders must stay close to their defensive responsibilities, otherwise, either is open for a mid-range jumper. 2 wants to catch and shoot quickly.

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